About Me

My wife and I in Bloudan, Syria in Jan 2011

My name is Mustaffa Abd Kadir. I live in Bkt Antarabangsa , Kuala Lumpur . 

I was born in Besut , Terengganu which makes me a Terengganuan.

But I grew up in Ipoh , Perak in an all male school  dormitary .

Yes I went to school at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman , Ipoh or better known simply as STAR , where I learned to eat using a fork and spoon.

I am a graduate of  the University College of Swansea , Wales ,UK in Civil Engineering.

My spoken language is Malay , English and a smattering of  Arabic , my favourite is “kaifa ha luk”. At home I only speak in Kelantanese Malay (loghat kelate) , to my wife  , children and to all denizens of my home.

Currently I am working as a civil engineer  for an engineering consulting firm in Taman Melawati near Kuala Lumpur.

I write on a wide range of subjects. Sometimes in English , most of the times in Malay.

What I wish to achieve through my writings is to inspire my readers to have a balanced view of life in this world from the perspective of Islam .

Let us spread Allah’s words so that we all can become His true servants. 

Lately I have taken up paintings , not on real canvas though but rather on virtual canvas on my macbook air. I just finish a painting , my first ever painting on any media at all.

My First Painting-Cactus


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Tsai Min Ton

    Saudara., saya tertarik sungguh dengan kehebatan khasiat pokok Moringa ini. Saya ingin tanam sendiri di kebun. Di manakah saya boleh dapatkan benihnya? Terima kasih.

    • Potong dahan pokok mongga dewasa sepanjang 4 kaki, kemudian cucuk ke dalam tanah berbaja. Mudah saja.Cari tempat terbuka, todak terlindung pokok2 rimbun yg lain

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